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Preparations and Characterizations of Stabilizer-free Vitamin E Nanovehicle

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posted on 29.09.2022, 05:59 authored by Shigesaburo Ogawa, Katstuya Iuchi, Taro Tsubomura, Kiichiro Totani, Setsuko Hara

Figure S1. Preparation protocol of dispersion A

Figure S2. TEM image of dispersion A: DL-α-Toc with phosphotungstic acid staining

Figure S3. Preparation protocol of dispersion B

Figure S4. TEM image of dispersion B: DL-α-Toc with uranyl acetate staining

Figure S5. (a) UV spectra of the chromanol rings in DL-α-Toc and PMC; (b) Polarity parameter v.s. maximum absorption wavelength, λmax

Figure S6. Size dependence of DL-α-Toc nanoparticles on DL-a-Toc concentration in the DMSO preparation

Figure S7. UV spectra of ethanol solutions of DL-α-Toc at different concentrations

Figure S8. 1H-NMR spectra of ethanol solutions of DL-α-Toc at different concentrations

Table S1. Summary of characterizations of the VE dispersions A, prepared using 0.4 wt% ethanol solution and pure water as the water medium

Figure S9. (a) Representative UV–vis absorption spectra with and without the DL-α-Toc dispersion vehicle; (b) A DLS chart after the radical scavenging test

Figure S10. (a) Effect of Tween 80 on UV–vis spectra; (b) representative DLS chart after solublilization in 0.2 wt% Tween 80 aq.

Figure S11. Dose-dependence of TBHP on cell viability in %


Elucidation of cell death induction mechanism by oxidized fatty acid and construction of network model

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