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Facile Fabrication of All-solid-state Ion-selective Electrodes by Laminating and Drop-casting for Multi-sensing (Supporting Information)

posted on 2022-06-17, 05:15 authored by Shingo OKUBO, Yoshihisa OZEKI, Tetsuya YAMADA, Kosuke SAITO, Noboru ISHIHARA, Yasuko YANAGIDA, Gen MAYANAGI, Jumpei WASHIO, Nobuhiro TAKAHASHI

In this study, we propose a facile fabrication process for all-solid-state ion-selective electrodes by laminating and drop-casting; these electrodes are suitable for applications in the environmental, agricultural, and medical fields, such as oral condition monitoring. To date, research has focused only on developing ion-selective electrodes for specific applications. However, an ion-selective electrode with compatibility for wide use has not been realized because specialized processing techniques and equipment are required. Our fabrication process achieved an ion-selective multi-sensor with a wireless system, which is crucial for overcoming the aforementioned challenge. The developed sensors exhibited sufficient sensitivity, repeatability, response time, and selectivity for medical, environmental, and agricultural applications.


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Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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Japan Science and Technology Agency

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