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R program of March’s (1991) mutual learning model

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posted on 2021-08-31, 08:21 authored by Yuki Mitomi

We conduct simulations in the same setting as March’s (1991) mutual learning model. As March’s (1991) programs have not been published and his model is vaguely formulated because of less use of mathematical notation, Mitomi creates a computer simulation program in free software language R for statistical computing based on Takahashi’s (1998) mathematical notation. The validity of the program has been checked at end points of the domain wherein we can analyze mathematically without simulation. The details of simulation are reported in the paper “a missing piece of mutual learning model of March (1991)” (https://doi.org/10.7880/abas.14.35)

March, J. G. (1991). Exploration and exploitation in organizational learning. Organization Science, 2(1), 71–87.

Takahashi, N. (1998). Soshikiruchin to soshikinai ekoroji [Organizational routine and intraorganizational ecology]. Soshikikagaku [Organizational Science], 32(2), 54–77.


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A Missing Piece of Mutual Learning Model of March (1991)

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