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Excel VBA program for Cohen et al. (1972)'s garbage can model

posted on 2021-09-01, 03:59 authored by Nobuyuki InamizuNobuyuki Inamizu
The source code for the original garbage can model can be found in Cohen et al. (1972)’s Appendix, but it is written in FORTRAN. Inamizu converted the program to Excel VBA, and ran the simulation. The questions about the original model discovered in the conversion process and the results of the simulation are reported in the paper "Garbage Can Code: Mysteries in the Original Simulation Model" (

Cohen, M. D., March, J. G., & Olsen, J. P. (1972). A garbage can model of organizational choice. Administrative Science Quarterly, 17(1), 1-25.


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Garbage Can Code: Mysteries in the Original Simulation Model

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