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What a digital archivist should be-Those who can be found by human resources who plan, develop, and operate digital archives-

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posted on 2022-03-18, 02:08 authored by Toru Inoue
In planning, developing, and operating digital archives, as a producer / director, grasp trends in Japan and overseas, establish the organization's mission, digitization technology, and rights processing methods, and cooperate with other digital archive providers. Digital architect as a human resource who contributes to the formation of the foundation of a knowledge-circulating society by continuously providing data that can be used for decision-making, creative activities, and risk control while managing people, goods, money, and information. Can be considered.


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デジタルアーキビストの在り方 ーデジタルアーカイブを企画・開発・運用する人材にもとめられるものー

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[講演 3-10] デジタルアーキビストの在り方 ーデジタルアーカイブを企画・開発・運用する人材にもとめられるものー

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井上 透

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