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Use of Persistent Identifiers such as DOI for Digital Archive Contents

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posted on 2021-01-18, 09:25 authored by Soichi TokizaneSoichi Tokizane
Persistent identifiers such as DOIs are being assigned for digitalized books or manuscripts such as those in the National Diet Library's Digital Collection and the National Institute of Japanese Literature's "Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works". However, there has been little progress in assigning DOIs to the contents of general digital archive, such as museum materials. If the DOI is assigned to the digital archive contents, it will make it easier to investigate and collect the use of those contents.


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[C42] Use of Persistent Identifier such as DOI for Digital Archive Contents

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[C42] デジタルアーカイブにおけるDOIなどの永続的識別子の利用

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時実 象一