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The 51st Electrochemistry Workshop "Novel Aspects and Approaches to Experimental Methods for Electrochemistry" (Index)

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posted on 2022-11-07, 04:38 authored by Hirohisa YAMADA, Kazuhiko MATSUMOTO, Kentaro KURATANI, Kingo Ariyoshi, Masaki Matsui, Minoru Mizuhata

 This supplementary material is a frontpage and table of contents of the presentation handout, pages i–iv, for the 51st Electrochemistry Workshop entitled “Fundamentals and New Approaches to Electrochemistry” organized by Kansai Branch of the Electrochemical Society of Japan on November 14–18, 2022. / The Kansai Branch of the Electrochemical Society of Japan publishes a collection of papers in Electrochemistry, which serve as a commentary to the 51st Electrochemistry Workshop. This attempt is motivated by the fact that the domestic seminars are now widely publicized through the on-demand event triggered by COVID-19. This preface consists of the significance of the publication and an introduction of the lecturers as a part of special future for “Novel Aspects and Approaches to Experimental Methods for Electrochemistry.” in this issue of Electrochemistry


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第51回電気化学講習会「電気化学の基礎と新しいアプローチ」 (主催:電気化学会関西支部・2022年11月14–18日) 配付資料表紙・目次, pp. i–iv / 電気化学会関西支部は第51回電気化学講習会テキストを兼ねた論文集をElectrochemistryにおいて出版した.この講習会はCOVID-19を契機としたオンデマンドによるセミナーが広く普及するようになったことが契機となり企画された.この序文はElectrochemistry本号の論文特集「電気化学実験法の新しい側面とアプローチ」の一環として,論文とテキスト出版の趣旨と講師陣の紹介で構成されている.

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