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Out of Commerce for Game

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posted on 2022-03-25, 05:25 authored by Shin Matsuda
We discussed how to utilize a system so that games that have run out of sales channels can be published for play. Orphan games can be published by ruling. By utilizing Article 31 of the Copyright Law, which will be revised, it is legally possible for NDL to publish out-of-print games or specified out-of-print games. But there are operational issues. Since adjudication and the use of Article 31 can be beneficial to the right holders, it is better to build an ecosystem in which games can continue to be published in a playable manner by making the publishing entity more flexible.


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[15] ゲームにおけるアウトオブコマースの研究 オーファンまたはアウトオブコマースなゲームはプレイ可能に公開可能か

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松田 真