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Metadata Schema for Community Archive Cooperation

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posted on 2021-01-18, 09:27 authored by Hisamitsu MIZUSHIMA, Tasuku MUKUMOTO, Hiroki UEMATSU
We have formulated a metadata schema that is the basis for the bottom-up nature of community archive construction and collaboration. It is an attempt to systematize the behavior of the concept of "Contributor" in the 15 items of Dublin Core, and it is considered that it will contribute to the preservation and inheritance of primary materials as a distributed virtual digital archive network.


Manuscript title

[25] Metadata Schema for Community Archive Cooperation

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Translated manuscript title

[25] コミュニティアーカイブ連携のためのメタデータスキーマについて

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水島 久光, 椋本 輔, 上松 大輝