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Kabuki script "Sakigake Genpei Tsutsuzi" and community archive

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posted on 2023-01-06, 00:21 authored by Ryo Kimura

From the leap New Year 19, 1841, " Sakigake Genpei Tsutsuji" was performed at the Nakamuraza Theater in Edo, Tokyo. Ichikawa Ebizo V (Ichikawa Danjuro VII), one of the leading actors of Edo Kabuki, appeared in this play, and it was confirmed that the Kabuki ledger of that time (owned by the Miyamoto Memorial Foundation) was transcribed in the Yamanashi area on October 17, 1901, 60 years later. The contents of the ledger suggest that Ichikawa Jusaburo, an actor in the Yamanashi area, performed " Sakigake Genpei Tsutsuji " using this ledger. In this report, based on the fact that the same play was performed by actors in the Yamanashi area 60 years after the Edo performance, we will discuss the process by which the Edo Kabuki play ledgers were transferred to the Yamanashi area, and examine the effectiveness of the community (regional) archives suggested by these ledgers.


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[32] 歌舞伎台帳『魁源平躑躅』とコミュニティアーカイブ

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木村 涼


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