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Issues and considerations regarding the utilization of digital archives and understanding of usage status: In the case of utilization of Animal Crossing New Horizons

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posted on 2022-03-27, 00:10 authored by Ayumi Ogawa, Misato Horii, Hiroshi HoriiHiroshi Horii, Yurika Saito, Keiichi Kaneko
In recent years, collection in museums and the like have been required to be utilized and disseminated, and as a means of doing so, collection are being released in digital archives. In addition, digital archives are being utilized not only for research but also for education and commercial use. In the future, we will be able to explore new possibilities for digital archives and collection utilization by receiving feedback from the results of these publications and utilization. One way to analyze the results is to understand the usage status of what kind of collections were searched and how, and the method and viewpoint of that analysis become an issue. In this presentation, first of all we introduce digital archives and their utilization as an example "My Design" of Nintendo "Animal Crossing New Horizons" released by AMANE, Nature and Science Museum, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Next we raise issues and make a consideration about grasping the usage situation.


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デジタルアーカイブの活用と利用状況の把握について の課題と考察:-「あつまれどうぶつの森」活用を事例に-

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[14] デジタルアーカイブの活用と利用状況の把握についての課題と考察:−「あつまれどうぶつの森」活用を事例に−

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小川 歩美, 堀井 美里, 堀井 洋, 齋藤 有里加, 金子 敬一

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