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Electrode Potentials Part 2: Nonaqueous and Solid-State Systems (Presentation File)

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posted on 07.11.2022, 04:38 authored by Jinkwang HWANG, Takayuki YAMAMOTO, Atsushi SAKUDA, Kazuhiko MATSUMOTO, Kohei MIYAZAKI

This supplementary material is a part of the presentation handout, pages 23–42, for the 51st Electrochemistry Workshop entitled “Fundamentals and New Approaches to Electrochemistry” organized by Kansai Branch of the Electrochemical Society of Japan on November 14–18, 2022 to be distributed at the workshop. / This comprehensive paper, Electrode Potentials Part 2, is a continuation of Electrode Potentials Part 1: Fundamentals and Aqueous Systems. Determining the electrode potential is crucial for understanding the nature of the electrochemical properties of materials or systems; however, an accurate evaluation of the potential of a target electrode has always been a challenge. The electrode potential can be used to predict the reaction mechanisms in electrochemistry and can be directly applied to the study of electrochemical applications. This paper introduces the methodologies and strategies for measuring electrode potentials in nonaqueous and solid-state electrolytes, including organic solvent electrolytes, ionic liquid electrolytes, and oxide and sulfide solid electrolytes. Experimental details are described for basic to state-of-the-art strategies, focusing on practical methods and know-how. 


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第51回電気化学講習会「電気化学の基礎と新しいアプローチ」 (主催:電気化学会関西支部・2022年11月14–18日) 配付資料, pp.23–42 / この総合論文「電極電位その2」はその1「基礎と水溶液系」の続編である.電極電位の決定は,物質やシステムの電気化学的性質の本質を理解するために極めて重要である.しかし,対象となる電極の電位を正確に評価することは常に困難を伴う.電極電位は電気化学における反応機構の予測に利用でき,電気化学の応用研究に直接応用することが可能である.本論文では,有機溶媒電解質,イオン液体電解質,酸化物・硫化物固体電解質などの非水系・固体電解質における電極電位測定の方法論と戦略について紹介する.基本的な戦略から最先端の戦略まで,実用的な方法とノウハウを中心に実験内容を解説する.

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黄 珍光・山本貴之・作田 敦・松本一彦・宮崎晃平


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