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Electrode Potentials Part 1: Fundamentals and Aqueous Systems (Presentation File)

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posted on 07.11.2022, 04:38 authored by Kazuhiko MATSUMOTO, Kohei MIYAZAKI, Jinkwang HWANG, Takayuki YAMAMOTO, Atsushi SAKUDA

 This supplementary material is a part of the presentation handout, pages 1–22, for the 51st Electrochemistry Workshop entitled “Fundamentals and New Approaches to Electrochemistry” organized by Kansai Branch of the Electrochemical Society of Japan on November 14–18, 2022 to be distributed at the workshop. / Electrochemistry deals with the interrelationship between electrical and chemical energy. Various potentials appear in electrochemistry and pertain to one another in practical cells. Understanding the electrode potential is an important step in acquiring basic knowledge of electrochemistry and extending it to specific applications. This comprehensive paper outlines the fundamentals and related subjects of electrode potentials, including electrochemical cells and liquid junction potentials. Aqueous solution systems are ideal for connecting the theoretical background of electrode potentials to practical electrochemical measurements. Accordingly, the basic electrode chemistry in aqueous systems is described in this paper, as well as several advanced concepts introduced in recent studies. 


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第51回電気化学講習会「電気化学の基礎と新しいアプローチ」 (主催:電気化学会関西支部・2022年11月14–18日) 配付資料, pp.1–22. / 電気化学は電気エネルギーと化学エネルギーの相互作用を扱っている.電気化学ではさまざまな電位が示され,実用セル内でも互いに関係している.電極電位を理解することは,電気化学の基礎知識を習得し,特定の応用に拡張するための重要なステップである.総合論文では電気化学セルや液絡電位を含む電極電位の基礎と関連するテーマを概説している.水溶液系は,電極電位の理論的背景を実際の電気化学測定につなげるのに理想的である.ここでは水溶液系における基本的な電極化学について述べるとともに,最近の研究で導入された,いくつかの先進的な概念についても紹介する.

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松本一彦・宮崎晃平・黄 珍光・山本貴之・作田 敦


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