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Electrochemical Polarization Part 2: Electrochemical Devices (Presentation File)

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posted on 07.11.2022, 04:38 authored by Hiroyuki USUI, Masanobu CHIKU, Shin-ichi YAMAZAKI, Kentaro KURATANI, Kazuhiro FUKAMI, Hiroaki TSUCHIYA

This supplementary material is a part of the presentation handout, pages 61–90, for the 51st Electrochemistry Workshop entitled “Fundamentals and New Approaches to Electrochemistry” organized by Kansai Branch of the Electrochemical Society of Japan on November 14–18, 2022 to be distributed at the workshop. / In this paper, examples of polarization measurements with a battery, electric double-layer capacitor, and fuel cell are discussed. The analysis of the polarization of a real cell and analytical methodology are described. In battery section, the rate capability is examined in detail and the origin of the different rate properties is discussed. Charge/discharge tests and self-discharge measurements are performed in the electric double-layer capacitor. Detailed measurement conditions and data analysis methods are introduced in the fuel cell section. The contents indicated in each section are very useful for interpreting the obtained experimental data. 


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第51回電気化学講習会「電気化学の基礎と新しいアプローチ」 (主催:電気化学会関西支部・2022年11月14–18日) 配付資料, pp.61–90 / 本論文では,電池,電気二重層キャパシタ,燃料電池を用いた分極測定の例について述べる.実際の電池の分極測定と解析方法について説明する.電池ではレート特性を詳細に検討し,異なるレート特性の起源を考察する.電気二重層キャパシタでは充放電試験と自己放電測定を行う.燃料電池では,詳細な測定条件やデータ解析方法を紹介する.各項目で示された内容は,得られた実験データを解釈する上で非常に有用である.

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