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Electrochemical In Situ/operando Spectroscopy and Microscopy Part 2: Battery Applications (Presentation File)

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posted on 07.11.2022, 04:35 authored by Masaki Matsui, Yuki Orikasa, Tomoki UCHIYAMA, Naoya NISHI, Yuto MIYAHARA, Misae OTOYAMA, Tetsuya TSUDA


This supplementary material is a part of the presentation handout, pages   209–242, for the 51st Electrochemistry Workshop entitled “Fundamentals and   New Approaches to Electrochemistry” organized by Kansai Branch of the   Electrochemical Society of Japan on November 14–18, 2022 to be distributed at   the workshop. / In situ/operando   techniques for electrochemical systems are useful for understanding the   electrochemical reactions, as we presented in Part 1. Here we present a   series of in situ/operando   techniques for battery applications. Now the in situ/operando techniques presented in this paper has become powerful   tools for the development of advanced battery systems such as Li-ion   batteries, solid-state batteries, and other beyond Li-ion batteries. In the   present paper we introduce the in situ/operando   cell design of each measurement technique and discuss how we apply each   technique for in the advanced battery materials development.


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第51回電気化学講習会「電気化学の基礎と新しいアプローチ」 (主催:電気化学会関西支部・2022年11月14–18日) 配付資料, pp. 209–242 / 電気化学系のin situ/operando技術はその1で紹介したように,電気化学反応を理解するのに有効である.ここでは,電池応用のための一連のin situ/operando技術を紹介する.本論文で紹介するin situ/operando技術は,リチウムイオン電池や固体電池など,リチウムイオン電池を超える高度な電池システムの開発において強力なツールとなりつつある.本論文では各測定技術のin situ/operandoセル設計を紹介し,先端電池材料開発への各技術の適用方法を議論する.本付録はワークショップで用いる配布テキストである.

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松井雅樹・折笠有基・内山智貴・西 直哉・宮原雄人・乙山美紗恵・津田哲哉


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