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Disaster Archive: Build it Together, Spend it Together : Collection, utilization and operation of materials

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posted on 2023-01-06, 00:22 authored by Hiroshi Arakawa, Maki Koyama, Mieko Ito, Yuko Hiraoka, Kanji Nakamura, Akihiro Shibayama, Toru Inoue, Kumiko Chiba

Disaster Archive is expected in data collection and utilization, and it's continuous operation is an important issue to be addressed.

 In reality, there are some difficulties on utilization and operation of materials.

Then, we writed and published booklet about collection, utilization and operation of disaster archive. The contents of the booklet is predicated on our experience, including workshop holding, panel exhibition and lecture in schools.

We report about the contents of the booklet, and it's expected effects.


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みんなでつくる みんなでつかう 災害アーカイブ:資料の収集・活用・運用

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[13] みんなでつくる みんなでつかう 災害アーカイブ:資料の収集・活用・運用

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荒川 宏, 小山 真紀, 伊藤 三枝子, 平岡 祐子, 中村 貫志, 柴山 明寛, 井上 透, 千葉 久美子


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