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Design of Digital Archive "Jiyu Gakuen 100 Years +": An Attempt at Utilizing Archives in Private School

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posted on 2023-01-06, 00:21 authored by Noriko Sugawara

A private school Jiyu Gakuen launched the website “Jiyu Gakuen 100 Years plus” ( as the 100th-anniversary project in 2021. It aims at not only releasing the online card catalog of the archives but also representing distinctive four points: chronological table, geographic distribution of its educational activities, back issues of Gakuen Shinbun since its foundation, and photographic gallery. Significantly, it shows a seamless connection between chronological information and geographical one for representing the historical progress of Jiyu Gakuen.  

There has been growing awareness of utilizing archives of educational institutions in terms of accountability, identity, and historical heritage, which is a managerial attempt, especially among private schools. This paper focuses on how the digital archive system of Jiyu Gakuen was planned, constructed, and released.


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[26] 私立学校におけるデジタルアーカイブ構築の実践例:「自由学園100年+」の構想から開設まで

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菅原 然子


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