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Changes and Futures of Tourism in Japan in Online Events: Comparison between field events and online events of Japanese Anime and Tokusatsu films

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posted on 2022-03-25, 05:22 authored by Masamitsu Futaesaku
The global spread of COVID-19 since 2020 has had a profound impact on the tourism industry in many countries. As a result of restrictions on the "movement" of people, which is the substrate of tourism, and the encouragement of "stay-home" tourism, events that do not involve movement have taken root. In other words, "online events," which allow people to simulate the experience of tourism through their own PCs, smartphones, and other electronic devices, have rapidly become a new way of holding events in Japan. This tourism phenomenon is a new form of tourism that is growing, and we thought that the social and academic significance of our research lies in archiving the changes in tourism through the introduction of websites and virtual spaces so that we can respond to the after-corona era. In this study, we focused on online events using animation and special effects, for which there is still a lack of research examples, and documented and organized the advantages and disadvantages by comparing them with existing face-to-face events.


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[13] オンライン開催における我が国の観光の変化と将来性:日本のアニメ・特撮作品の現地イベントとオンラインイベントとの比較から

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二重作 昌満

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