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Business possibilities that digital archivists should be aware of and the kind of people they are looking for

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posted on 2022-03-18, 02:08 authored by Michiko Yamakawa
Most archives are organizations that are always short of budget and often have to make up for it through the efforts of their staff. There are three possible ways to secure funding and make room: reduce current expenses, raise funds for activities through fundraising or crowdfunding, or monetize the materials you have. The knowledge and mentality required for the archive itself would be quite different from what is needed to acquire funding. In the past year, monetization opportunities have increased, including the emergence of new blockchain-based methods of selling digital data. What possibilities exist for fundraising and what kind of human resources are required? I presented the topic from the standpoint of many opportunities to generate revenue by providing materials.


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[講演 3-9] デジタルアーキビストが意識すべきビジネスの可能性と求める人材像

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山川 道子

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