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An Attempt to Utilize Local Cultural Properties through Digital Archiving and Open Data: An Example of "Cultural Properties of Southern Hokkaido"

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posted on 2021-01-18, 23:23 authored by Taku OKUNO
With the aim of accumulating and disclosing information on cultural properties in southern Hokkaido and utilizing them through open data, a website "Cultural Properties in Southern Hokkaido" has been established in 2017 through the cooperation of the Liaison Council of Museums and Facilities of the Southern Hokkaido Block and Future University Hakodate (FUN). In this presentation, we will first describe the background of this project and the overall concept of the website, including the use of cultural property information by open data. After that, we will describe the outline of the website and the trend of access to the website in the three years of operation. In this project, we are constructing applications for the purpose of verification to utilize the accumulated information on cultural properties in the fields of tourism and education. In this presentation, we describe a route map application for visiting cultural properties by automatic theme generation and an application for approximate query search across local history archives to support the creation of local educational materials.


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[13] An Attempt to Utilize Local Cultural Properties through Digital Archiving and Open Data

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[13] 地域文化財のデジタルアーカイブ化とオープンデータ化による活用の試み:「南北海道の文化財」の事例

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奥野 拓