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View of a wave-cut platform showing the distribution of gigantic concretions, and photomicrographs and XRF images of concretion in the Unosaki coast, Oga peninsula, Japan.

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posted on 2023-02-21, 00:37 authored by Ryusei Kuma, Shoji Nishimoto, Yusuke Muramiya, Hidekazu Yoshida


Fig. S1. (A and B) View of a wave-cut platform on the Unosaki Coast showing the distribution of gigantic concretions. The concretion on the left in (B) is cracked by erosion, and the interior can be observed. The photograph of (A) was provided by the Oga Peninsula–Ogata Geopark Promotion Council and attendees at an Oga Peninsula–Ogata Geopark guide meeting.

Fig. S2. (A and B) Photomicrographs (crossed nicols) of a concretion. Sponge spicules and diatoms are observed in (A), and pyrites are found in (B). (C) Fluorescent photomicrograph of a concretion. The brown and yellow areas signify different degrees of weathering. Trace fossils are clearly observed in the area indicated by the dashed ellipse. (D) Fluorescent photomicrograph of the boundary between whale bone and concretion, showing an irregular boundary.

Fig. S3. (A) Photomicrograph and XRF images of concretion. Color bars show the X-ray intensity of measured elements. (B) Detailed SEM photograph and elemental distribution of concretions. Ca and Mg are distributed throughout, indicating that this entire surface is dolomite, and both micritic and euhedral dolomite are observed (black arrows). Color bars show the relative intensity count of measured elements.


Development of long-term self-sealing technology of ground water pathways by learning of natural carbonate concretions

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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Elucidation of the early diagenetic mechanism of biogenic carbonate concretions

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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男鹿半島鵜ノ崎海岸の中新統西黒沢層・女川層中に見られる巨大鯨骨ドロマ イトコンクリーション群の形成条件

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隈 隆成,西本昌司,村宮悠介,吉田英一


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