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Historical documents related to beech tree surveys conducted at Amagi mountains in Izu peninsula, Japan at the end of Edo period.

posted on 24.10.2022, 18:56 authored by Yuji Ide
Beech tree surveys were conducted at Amagi Mountains in the Izu Peninsula, Japan to harvest timber for the construction of Western-style ships at the end of the Edo period. Images of two documents (Documents #1-#2) recording the results of the surveys and those related to the surveys (Documents #3-#9) are demonstrated. These are hand-copies of historical documents bound in ‘Izu Rinseishi Shiryo-hen’ (the edition of material concerning Izu-Rinseishi, Tokyo Eirinkyoku 1964) and photo-copied by the author. Additionally, photo-copies of original historical documents acquired in the material survey during the compilation of "History of Shizuoka Prefecture," managed by the Shizuoka Prefectural History and Culture Information Center are attached to Documents #7 and #8. The document numbers correspond to the document number in Tble 1 of the manuscript. Every image is demonstrated with permissions from each managing authority.


Influence of forest utilization in the Edo period on current forests to unravel from ancient documents

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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江戸時代末期に洋式艦船の建造用木材の収穫のために,伊豆半島天城山においてブナの立木調査が行われた。その結果を記録した2通の文書(史料1,2)およびその調査に関連した文書(史料3-9)の写しを掲載した。これらの文書は、伊豆林政史資料編に綴じられた古文書の書き写しであり(東京営林局1964),筆者が複写した画像である。また、史料7、8には、静岡県歴史文化情報センターが管理する「静岡県史」の編集時の資料調査で撮影した歴史資料写真の複写を添付した。 文書番号は論文の表-1の文書番号に対応している。すべての画像は、各管理機関の許可を受けて掲載した。

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Document#1_1, Document#1_2, Document#3-5, Document#6 and Document#7: © Forestry Agency, MAFF, Japan. Document#8 and Document#9: Right; © Forestry Agency, MAFF, Japan, Left; © Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan