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Geological features of The Miharaishi slate in Kochi Prefecture, Japan

posted on 2023-10-31, 00:43 authored by Go-Ichiro Uramoto, Riko Nakamura, Kota Asayama, Kazuya Iki, Osamu Tadai, Yohei Hamada, Wataru Tanikawa, Takehiro Hirose


Table A1. Measured mineral weight percent of the Miharaishi slate determined by the program RockJock.

Fig. A1. Depositional-age estimation based on the radiolarian assemblages of the Southern Shimanto Belt in the eastern and western Hata District, Kochi, Japan (Tanaka, 1980; Yamasaki and Suyari, 1990; Oyaizu et al., 2002). Estimate age is shaded with gray bands. Solid lines indicate the main lifespan of each genus and species described in Oyaizu et al. (2002). 

Fig. A2. Microstructure and elemental characteristics within the Miharaishi slate. (a) Representative cross-sectional back-scattered electron image. (b) EDS spectrum of a metallic mineral grain containing copper. Inset image shows a back-scattered electron image of the analyzed grain.


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