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The third dataset of ”The Breeding Bird Atlas of Japan”

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posted on 2023-02-15, 06:26 authored by Mutsuyuki UETA, Shingo UEMURA, Seiji HAYAMA, Teppei Ara, Shin-ichi Takagawa, Noritomo KAWAJI, Manabu KAJITA, Noboru Nakamura, Saki TAHATA, Yuna UCHIYAMA

From 2016 to 2021, we completed the third survey of "The Breeding Bird Atlas of Japan". We conducted two complete survey courses within each cell of a 20km square mesh (total 2344 courses) placed as a graticule over the map of Japan. In addition to field surveys, literature information and bird observation records were collected and compiled to determine the status of birds in each 20km mesh cell. We release this dataset with the intention of providing useful data to researchers and conservationists, who may conduct various analyses to evaluate the distribution of birds in Japan during this period.


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Suntory Fund for Bird Conservation

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植田睦之・植村慎吾・葉山政治・荒 哲平・高川晋一・川路則友・梶田 学・仲村 昇・田畑早紀・内山優奈


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