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The mass spectrum peak list for free fatty acids was obtained from SFE/SFC MVCI TOF MS analysis of bovine hepatocytes.

posted on 2024-01-12, 07:13 authored by Toshinobu Hondo, Yumi Miyake, Michisato ToyodaMichisato Toyoda

The mass spectral peak list for supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) on the analysis of bovine liver sample.  A 1 mm square by 14 µm thickness of the bovine liver section, corresponding to 3300 cells, was directly applied to micro-scale supercritical fluid extraction (SFE)  coupled to SFC.  A co-added mass spectrum at the arachidonic acid (FA 20:4) peak half-height region was obtained, and the centroid was calculated.  Data in comma-separated value (CSV) format corresponds to a time-of-flight (seconds), mass, ion counts, and color code.  The color code 16 indicates the identified monoisotopic ion peak for FA C16:0, FA C18:3, FA C18:2, FA C18:1, FA C18:0, FA C20:4, and FA C20:3. 


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ウシ肝臓切片 (1 mm x 14 µm) を直接,超臨界流体抽出・超臨界流体クロマトグラフィー・中真空化学イオン化質量分析法により得られたクロマトグラムから,アラキドン酸ピーク領域のスペクトルのピークリスト.データは,CSV 形式で,飛行時間(秒),mass, イオンカウント,およびカラーコードを示す.カラーコード 16 は, FA C16:0, FA C18:3, FA C18:2, FA C18:1, FA C18:0, FA C20:4, および FA C20:3 にアサインされたピークを示す.


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