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Suppressing Electrolyte Decomposition at Cathode/Electrolyte Interface by Mg-Fe Binary Oxide Coating towards Room-Temperature Magnesium Rechargeable Battery Operation (Supporting Information)

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posted on 2022-06-06, 02:39 authored by Reona IIMURA, Hiroaki KOBAYASHI, Itaru HONMA

For practical room-temperature magnesium rechargeable battery operation, utilizing the nano-sized MgMn2O4 spinel as cathode material is effective way to have high rate-capabilities; however, electrolyte decomposition at the cathode/electrolyte interface is inevitable. In this work, a Mg-Fe binary oxide is coated onto nano-sized MgMn2O4 to form stable cathode electrolyte interface (CEI). This developed cathode material suppresses the electrolyte decomposition and improves the cyclability at room temperature.


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