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Sketch of the outcrop at Sekinehama, Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan, photographs showing the occurrence and shape of drift pumice clasts, and major element composition of volcanic glass shards

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posted on 2023-04-19, 00:07 authored by Reona Hiramine, Kaori Aoki, Daisuke Ishimura

Appendix S1 Sketch of the outcrop

Appendix S2 Closeup photograph of drift pumice of the U-2 and To-Cu tephras, and ash-fall deposit of the To-Cu tephra

Appendix S3 Major element composition of volcanic glass shards

ave.: mean (wt%). std.: standard deviation. *: total iron oxide as FeO. **: raw data before recalculations to 100 % on a water-free basis. Determined by JSM-6930 and EDAX GENESIS APEX2 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer using 0.6 nA current at 15 kV, beam diameter is 10 μm, and live time is 200 seconds.

Appendix S4 Photographs of SKN-2, SKN-3, To-Cu, and U-2  (a) pumice clasts of U-2 sampled on Ulleungdo (Machida Hiroshi collection in Sagamihara City Museum, No. MW0048), (b) pumice clasts of SKN-2, (c) pumice clasts of To-Cu sampled near Towada volcano (collected at Tashirotai, Aomori Pref., 10 km southeast from the source), (d) pumice clasts of SKN-3. The size of the squares of (b) and (d) are 1 cm.


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電子付録S1 露頭のスケッチ 電子付録S2 U-2とTo-Cuの漂着軽石とTo-Cu降下火山灰のクローズアップ写真 電子付録S3 SKN-2,SKN-3,To-Cu,U-2の軽石写真 (a) 鬱陵島で採取されたU-2の軽石(相模原市立博物館所蔵町田洋コレクション,No.MW0048),(b) SKN-2の軽石,(c) 給源付近のTo-Cuの軽石(給源から10 km南東の青森県田代平で採取),(d) SKN-3の軽石 (b)と(d)のマス目は1 cmである. 電子付録S4 火山ガラスの主成分化学組成 ave.:平均値.std.:標準偏差.*:Feは全てFeOとして計算されている. **:水を除く前の測定値の合計である.分析条件は加速電圧15 kV,試料電流0.6 nA,ビーム径10 μm,照射時間200秒で,JSM-6930とEDAX GENESIS APEX2 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometerを用いて測定した.

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