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Size, species, presence/absence of damages by ambrosia beetle (Platypus quercivorus) and some relevant information for the trees sampled in 11 plots established in an evergreen forest dominated by ubame oak (Quercus phillyraeoides)

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posted on 04.10.2021, 01:26 authored by Kohsuke Ikezoe, Kai Moriguchi
This is the surveyed data about the damage of the oak (Quercus phillyraeoides) and other tree species caused by attacking of the beetle in Muroto city, Kochi Prefecture, where is the main production area of the charcoal. A total of 560 individuals of Quercus phillyraeoides were sampled in 11 circular plots (each 0.02 ha). "Presence/absence of damages by ambrosia beetle" was checked for each individual. "Mean diameter in a plot" represents the mean diameter of stems of Q. phillyraeoides within a plot. "Mixture ratio" represents the proportion of other species than Q. phillyraeoides in terms of stem number within a plot.


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Damage of Ubame Oak, Quercus phillyraeoides by Oak Ambrosia Beetles, Platypus quercivorus in Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture

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池添厚亮,守口 海