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Self-relevance of comics, sociability, and choice likelihood ratings of liquid and solid consumptions

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posted on 2023-07-03, 09:05 authored by Ryohei Kitazawa, Akinori Ono

These data contain (1) type of manipulated comic consumers (fans/manias/otaku), (2) two variables for the manipulation check, namely (2a) comic relevance to the self, which is measured by six items, “That comic and I have a lot in common,” “That comic is central to my identity,” “That comic is part of who I am,” “I derived some of my identity from that comic,” “That comic helps me to achieve the identity I wished to have,” “That comic helps me to narrow the gap between what I am and what I try to be” (0-100 slide scaling) and (2b) sociability, measured by five items, “I like to be with people,” “I welcome the opportunity to mix socially with people,” “I prefer working with others rather than alone,” “I find people more stimulating than anything else,” “I’d be unhappy if I were prevented from making many social contacts” (seven-point Likert scaling), and (3) consumer choice likelihood ratings of three comic consumption styles, i.e., choice likelihood rating of rental liquid consumption (P1), choice likelihood rating of experiential liquid consumption (P2), and choice likelihood rating of solid consumption (P3) (8-24). 


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このデータに含まれるのは,(1) シナリオ法で操作された漫画消費者の種別(ファン/マニア/オタク),(2) その種別に対するマニピュレーションチェック用の2変数,すなわち,(2a) 自己関連性の6項目,ならびに,(2b) 社交性の5項目,および,(3) 各消費様式の選択傾向の3項目である。

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コンテンツビジネスの消費者としてのファン・マニア・オタク ― リキッド/ソリッド消費と個人的/集団的所有感に基づく考察 ―

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北澤涼平, 小野晃典


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