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Mechanochemically Prepared Highly Conductive Na2.88Sb0.88W0.12S4-NaI Composite Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Sodium Battery (Supporting Information)

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posted on 2022-04-18, 05:03 authored by Takuma TAKAYANAGI, Akira NASU, Fumika TSUJI, Atsushi SAKUDA, Masahiro TATSUMISAGO, Akitoshi HAYASHI
Solid electrolytes with high ionic conductivity, high formability, and high electrochemical properties are required to improve the performance of all-solid-state sodium batteries. In this study, we focus on a combination of Na2.88Sb0.88W0.12S4 and NaI for preparing composite electrolytes Na2.88Sb0.88W0.12S4·xNaI, and investigate their crystal structures, microstructures, and electrochemical properties. NaI is uniformly dispersed in the composites without forming a solid solution with Na2.88Sb0.88W0.12S4. Na2.88Sb0.88W0.12S4·0.5NaI shows a high ionic conductivity of 3.6 × 10−2 S cm−1 after sintering at 275 °C for only 1.5 h. The charge-discharge characteristics of all-solid-state cells using the Na2.88Sb0.88W0.12S4·xNaI composite are also improved.


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Development of New Solid State Ionics Materials through Design of Functional Interface

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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Development of innovative materials for all-solid-state Na/S batteries that operate at room temperature

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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