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Activity of bat genus detected at the small wind turbines and control sites in Eastern Hokkaido, Japan

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posted on 28.10.2022, 02:38 authored by Waki Shogo, Takumi Akasaka, Shunta Ando

The activity of bat genus detected at each study site during the study period and the date of survey completion. Treatment sites are those within 5 m of small wind turbines and control sites are those more than 100 m away from small wind turbines. The survey period was from August 13, 2020 to August 26, 2020, but the battery ended before the survey end date at some survey sites due to the collection of too much environmental noise. Site discriptions are in https://doi.org/10.18960/hozen.2134.  


Assessing the impact of super-large and small wind turbine on biodiversity

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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調査期間中に それぞれの調査地で収集した各コウモリ属の活動量と調査終了日。処理区は小型風車から 5m以内、対照区は小型風車から 100m以上離れた地点を示す。調査期間は 2020年 8月 13日~ 2020年 8月 26日までとしたが、環境音を多く収集してしまった等によりいくつかの調査地点で調査終了日よりも前にバッテリーが終了してしまった地点が存在した。 調査地の詳細は https://doi.org/10.18960/hozen.2134を参照。

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脇翔吾 赤坂卓美 安藤駿汰


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