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Influence of Tris(trimethylsilyl)phosphite Additive on the Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-ion Batteries Using Thin-film Ni-rich Cathodes (Supporting Information)

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posted on 17.08.2022, 06:25 authored by Wencong WANG, Changhee LEE, Yuto MIYAHARA, Takeshi ABE, Kohei MIYAZAKI

The characteristics of the interface between Ni-rich cathode materials and carbonate-based electrolytes are crucial for stability in charge-discharge cycles. In this study, we used tris(trimethylsilyl)phosphite (TMSPi) as an additive for film formation and investigated the properties of the layer formed on a LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 (NCM622) thin-film electrode. This layer can act as a barrier to mitigate the underlying attack at the oxygen sites of the layered Ni-rich structure. Moreover, this layer mainly consists of Li-rich organic components, leading to a decreased activation energy with a rapid Li-ion transfer process.


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