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GPS tracking data for a Whooper Swan wintering in Japan

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posted on 16.06.2022, 05:07 authored by Mutsuyuki UETA, Tetsuo SHIMADA, Kiyoshi UCHIDA, Hitoshi SUGINOME, Yusuke TAKAHASHI, Ken-ichi TOKITA, Katsura MIKAMI

This location-related GPS data set for a Whooper Swan Cygnus Cygnus, tracked in Japan in 2016. The swan was attached with GPS at the Uchinuma Pond, Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan. It moved south to Otsuka Pond, Ibaraki Prefecture, where it over-wintered. It then moved to southern Sakhalin via Tokachi, Hokkaido, in March 2017. As it entered Sakhalin, Russia, the swan went out of the GPS-tracking coverage area, and we could not follow the route further north.


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GPS 発信機で追跡したオオハクチョウの位置情報のデータ

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宮城県内沼で2016年にGPS 発信機を装着された1羽のオオハクチョウ Cygnus cygnus の越冬期から春の渡りにかけての移動経路のデータである。茨城に南下した後,北上しサハリンへ到達した時点までのデータがある。

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GPS 発信機で追跡したオオハクチョウの位置情報のデータ

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