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Experimental and Simulation Data of Hybrid PBM-DEM Model of High-Pressure Grinding Rolls Applied to Iron Ore Pellet Feed Pressing

posted on 01.07.2022, 07:43 authored by Victor A. Rodriguez, Túlio M. Campos, Gabriel K.P. Barrios, Gilvandro Bueno, Luís Marcelo Tavares


The Excel spreadsheet contains the raw data used to plot the Figures. Each Tab is named as the Figure number in the paper. The calculations have been performed using in-house MATLAB scripts. There are no symbols in the spreadsheet to be clarified. Data from the previous publications of the research group such as Campos et al (2019a, 2019b) were obtained directly from the author, who actually is a co-author of the present paper.


The Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)

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