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Results of high-resolution pollen analysis and quantitative climate reconstruction of the varved sediment from Lake Suigetsu, Japan: from the Lateglacial to the early Holocene (16.6-10.2 IntCal20 kyr BP)

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posted on 2022-12-08, 06:18 authored by Takeshi Nakagawa

Appendix S1: Depth, age, pollen counts, and reconstructed climates.  


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水月湖年縞堆積物の花粉分析および定量的気候復元の結果:晩氷期から完新世初期にかけて(16.6-10.2 IntCal20 kyr BP)

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水月湖年縞堆積物の花粉分析と精密対比によって復元された, 晩氷期から完新世初期にかけての気候変動の時空間構造ーその古気候学的および考古学的意義-

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中川 毅


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