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Data on the Comparison Between Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Throat Air Classifier

posted on 2023-06-02, 08:31 authored by Horacio A. Petit, Edgardo Fabián Irassar


This CSV dataset (numbered 1–27) was used to analyze the performance of the throat classifier and to compare the results of CFD-DEM simulations with experimental data. CSV files 1–20 were used in the plot in Fig. 3 where the velocity profiles from simulations and experimental tests were compared. CSV files 21–22 were used to create the plot in Fig. 4 where the pressure loss obtained experimentally through the classifier is compared with the obtained by CFD simulations. Files 23–25 were used to plot the particle size distribution of the different classification products of the classifier, presented in Fig. 7. CSV file was used to create the plot in Fig. 8 for the yields of each product, and file 26 was used to create the plot in Fig. 9 where the cut sizes are presented. 

Experimental conditions:
Feed material: Manufactured sand (Granitic)
Air velocity at the throat: 3.8–7.75 m/s
Classification tests were performed using open and inlet secondary inlets


Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas


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