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Data on Thermal Conductivity of Thermal Insulation Boards

posted on 2023-02-09, 06:20 authored by Makio NaitoMakio Naito, Takahiro Kozawa, Akira Kondo, C.C. Huang

The CSV file contains the data on the relationship between thermal conductivity of the fibrous fumed silica compacts and temperature in Fig. 5 of the manuscript. The specimens are (1) hydrophilic silica added, (2) hydrophobic silica added, and (3) after 400 ℃ heat treatment of the board (2).

Thermal conductivity (λ) is calculated using the following equation. 

λ = αcρ (α: thermal diffusivity, c: specific heat, ρ: density)

  • Instrument
     Measurement system by cyclic heating method (Thermal diffusivity) ;
     Drop calorimeter  (Specific heat)
  • Measurement condition
    Temperature: 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 ℃
    Atmosphere: 1 atm,  in air 
  • Experimental condition
    Compounding ratio :  Fumed silica nanoparticle 60 mass%; SiC particle 20 mass%; Glass fiber 20 mass%.  Pressure of uniaxial press: 2 Mpa  


Formation of nanoporous layer on the particle surface by its self-reforming and the applications for advanced materials

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