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Data from Pressure Models for Calculating Static Pressures in Bulk Solids Storage Structures

posted on 2023-07-31, 06:30 authored by George Dyck, Adam Rogers, Jitendra Paliwal


The following CSV dataset has been generated based on a range of mathematical models. Each dataset is presented individually and accompanied by labels that correspond to their respective figures and specific values.

Fig. 1 provides a visualization of the historical mathematical models discussed in Section 2 of the paper. The input values for these models are taken from Table 1. In this comparison, we include models developed by Hagen, Janssen, Airy, and Reimbert, each represented by its own data file.

Fig. 2 emphasizes the discrepancies between the results obtained from the Janssen and Zhang models. Zhang's equations for these models are detailed within the main body of the paper (Section 4.2), and the specific values used for this comparison are explained in the description of Fig. 2.


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