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Correlation Between Directions of Postural Sway Induced by Gaze Change and Auditory Stimulation

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posted on 2022-06-02, 07:52 authored by Honoka Koshizaka, Kazunari Hata, Yutaka Fukuoka


Directions of postural sway owing to neck dorsal muscle stimulation can be influenced by gaze change.The same is true of auditory stimulation.The degree of influence differs from one subject to another,and the reason for this remains largely unknown.The authors analyzed whether direction of postural sway induced by gaze change and that induced by auditory stimulation were related to each other,with the aim of obtaining insights into the brain region involved in these phenomena.Twenty-three subjects participated in the following two sets of measurements.First, the direction of postural sway was measured when the subjects changed their gaze after they turned their head to either the left or right.Next,the direction of postural sway was measured during auditory stimulation from each side.Then the correlation coefficient between directions in these experiments was calculated.The correlation coefficients were significant on the right side.The results implied that a common mechanism,in which the two sensory information are integrated,is involved in these phenomena. This article provides the experimental data from the subjects and the analyzed results.


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