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Conductometric Analysis of Ion Equilibrium in Li+/F and Mg2+/F Hybrid Electrolyte Solutions (Supporting Information)

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posted on 2023-03-09, 08:21 authored by Yuko YOKOYAMA, Mitsuo KAWASAKI, Takeshi ABE, Zempachi OGUMI, Kenji KANO

Fluoride shuttle batteries are expected to be innovative with high energy density superior to lithium-ion ones as on-board power-source for electric vehicles. However, the low solubility of fluoride ion in organic solvents makes it difficult to choose electrolytes. Kawasaki et al. have reported that no precipitation appears in γ-butyrolactone solution of CsF at high concentrations in the presence of excess amounts of Li+ or Mg2+ cation.1 Such solutions are called hybrid electrolyte ones. In this study, we performed conductometric titration of Li+- or Mg2+-containing solutions with CsF solutions to elucidate the ion equilibrium. The titration curves were analyzed on models including precipitation of LiF or MgF2 and formation of Li2F+ and LiF2 triple ion or MgF+ associated one to evaluate the corresponding equilibrium constants. The results indicate that no precipitation appears in certain ranges of the F/Li+ or F/Mg2+ molar ratio by the triple/associated ion formation. Details of the conductometric analysis are discussed together with some problems involved in the proposed method.


Development of basic technology to promote the practical application of innovative storage batteries

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

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Development of innovative storage batteries for electric vehicles

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

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