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The Identified and Qualified Molecular Species in Breast Milk (Foremilk and Hindmilk) with a Lipidome Analysis by Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry

posted on 2022-12-27, 07:53 authored by Hiroko Takumi, Kazuko Kato, Hiroki Nakanishi, Maiko Tamura, Takayo Ohto-N, Saeko Nagao, Junko Hirose

The identified and qualified molecular species.

・ The separation by a underbar[_] is show that it is notknown sn-position of the fatty acids.

・ If the fatty acid composition is not known, the sum offatty acid is shown as number of carbons : number ofdouble bonds.

・ Bond types other than ester bonds are indicated asfollows in rear of the sn-1 fatty acid or the sum of fatty acid:

 ・[e] means O-alkyl-bond

 ・[p] means O-alk-1-enyl-bond(plasmalogens)

 ・ In this analysis[, e] and[p] cannot be distinguished.

・ The sphingoid backbone is annotated by the number of hydroxyl groups in the sphingoid base([d] means di)and separated by a slash[/] from the number of carbons : number of double bonds of the N-linked fatty acid.

・ If the sphingoid base or the N-linked fatty acid is not known, the sum of sphingoid base and fatty acid is shown as number of carbons : number of double bonds.


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