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Codes and results of the content analyses to identify the transition of the concept of “total optimization” in the Japanese company

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posted on 2021-12-08, 11:23 authored by Mitsuhiro Fukuzawa
This file contains the codes and results of the content analysis to identify the transition of the concept and focus of the "total optimization" in the Japanese company.

This file consists of five tables. Table S1 shows the Japanese keywords/terms used in the content analysis of newspaper articles and their Japanese-English translations.

Table S2 shows the transition of term frequency from 1983 to 2021. Table S3 shows the frequency of the co-occurrence relationship between "total optimization" and other terms.

Table S4 shows the transition of the share of the term co-occurrence frequency. Table S5 shows the percentage of the term co-occurrence frequency (top three) from 1989 to 2021.


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Transition of the concept of total optimization in Japanese companies

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