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CO2 Electrochemical Reduction with Zn-Al Layered Double Hydroxide-Loaded Gas-Diffusion Electrode (Supporting Information)

posted on 2023-09-15, 08:06 authored by Ryosuke NAKAZATO, Keeko MATSUMOTO, Noboru YAMAGUCHI, Margherita CAVALLO, Valentina CROCELLÀ, Francesca BONINO, Matthias QUINTELIER, Joke HADERMANN, Nataly Carolina ROSERO-NAVARRO, Akira MIURA, Kiyoharu TADANAGA

Carbon dioxide electrochemical reduction (CO2ER) has attracted considerable attention as a technology to recycle CO2 into raw materials for chemicals using renewable energies. We recently found that Zn-Al layered double hydroxides (Zn-Al LDH) have the CO-forming CO2ER activity. However, the activity was only evaluated by using the liquid-phase CO2ER. In this study, Ni-Al and Ni-Fe LDHs as well as Zn-Al LDH were synthesized using a facile coprecipitation process and the gas-phase CO2ER with the LDH-loaded gas-diffusion electrode (GDE) was examined. The products were characterized by XRD, STEM-EDX, BF-TEM and ATR-IR spectroscopy. In the ATR-IR results, the interaction of CO2 with Zn-Al LDH showed a different carbonates evolution with respect to other LDHs, suggesting a different electrocatalytic activity. The LDH-loaded GDE was prepared by simple drop-casting of a catalyst ink onto carbon paper. For gas-phase CO2ER, only Zn-Al LDH exhibited the CO2ER activity for carbon monoxide (CO) formation. By using different potassium salt electrolytes affording neutral to strongly basic conditions, such as KCl, KHCO3 and KOH, the gas-phase CO2ER with Zn-Al LDH-loaded GDE showed 1.3 to 2.1 times higher partial current density for CO formation than the liquid-phase CO2ER.


Air Carbon Recycling for Aviation Fuel Technology

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Aviation fuel synthesis by recycling carbon in the air

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