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Awardees' List of Society Award of The Electrochemical Society of Japan (in Japanese)

posted on 07.10.2021, 09:11 by Mahito Atobe, Minoru Mizuhata
The awardees' list of the society awards of the Electrochemical Society. The Electrochemical Society of Japan (ECSJ) has been publishing comprehensive papers related to the achievements of researchers who are awarded by ECSJ annually since 2014. The origin of the society awards, we can see that they began as Tanahashi Paper Awards. In order to promote the use of this journal an academic and industrial outcomes from the activity of ECSJ members, the editorial board would like to introduce the society awards and the awardees’ achievements as an award-winning feature article.


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History of ECSJ Awards and Introduction of Award Winners in 2021

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跡部真人、水畑 穣

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