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A new fossil specimen of the Suidae (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from the upper Miocene Oiso Formation and a brief review of Neogene suids from Japan_Supplementary

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posted on 2022-12-07, 02:42 authored by Takehisa Tsubamoto, Hajime Taru


File A1. 3D turntable movie of an epoxy cast of KPM-NNV 964 (Fig. 1A; left m3 lacking the hypoconulid; cf. Propotamochoerus hyotherioides from the Miocene Oiso Formation of Japan) scanned using a contact stylus measurement method employing a 3D scanner (Roland MODELA MDX-15), with a scan pitch of 0.05 mm. The scanned STL file was prepared using Meshmixer (Autodesk, Inc.) and was transformed into a D movie using Blender (Blender Foundation).

Fig. A1. High resolution photographs of the two suid molar specimens from the Miocene Oiso Formation of Japan. A, cf. Propotamochoerus hyotherioides (Schlosser), KPMNNV 964, left m3 lacking the hypoconulid: A1, occlusal view (stereo pair); A2, schematic drawing of occlusal view; A3, lingual view; A4, buccal view; A5, mesial view; A6, distal view. B, Suinae gen. et sp. indet., KPM-NNV 1,   a distal part of right M1 or M2 (Oshima, 2007): B1, buccal view; B2, distal view; B3, disto-occlusal view; B4, occlusal view; B5, mesial view; B6, dorsal view; B7, lingual view.

Fig. A2. Photo of KPM-NNV 964 (left m3 lacking the hypoconulid of cf. Propotamochoerus hyotherioides) with matrix in occlusal view.

Table A1. Data for Fig. 2, showing the measurements (in mm) of m3 widths for KPM-NNV 964 and some comparative suid specimens.

Table A2. List of Neogene suid fossil specimens from Japan.


Land vertebrates from the Paleocene of Southeast Asia and its contributions to faunal changes in Northern Hemisphere

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