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A bibliography of studies on biodiversity in Japanese retarding basins

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posted on 2024-04-17, 03:19 authored by Kota Tawa, Jun Nishihiro, Masaru Sakai, Toshimasa Takeda, Seiji Hayashi

This list is a compilation of references describing the biodiversity of Japanese retarding basins. A total of six taxa are covered: birds, amphibians, fish, insects, shellfish, and plants. For each taxon, a list of accepted and rejected references is provided under different tabs. The list of accepted references includes the name of the target retarding basin, the name of the species, and a detailed description of the biodiversity studies. Reasons for rejection are given for the list of rejected references. 

In this study, we collected previous findings by three methods: ❶ Japanese search using J-STAGE, ❷ English search using the Web of Science Core Collection, and ❸ other literature search. In ❸, a related literature search was conducted by browsing the lists of references cited in ❶ and ❷, and a search of highly relevant references (in Japanese and English) by authors not included in ❶ and ❷. In addition, keyword searches were performed using Google, limited to PDF files. 

A total of 9,183 references were selected.

We then screened the literature based on the exclusion criteria as follows. (1) The title in the list of cited references corresponds by search but is not directly related to the literature in question. 

(2) Literature in the form of illustrated books, pamphlets, photographs and public documents published by the government, etc., in which the collection period or collection sites of the target taxon are unknown. 

(3) Information leaflets and reports on biological observation meetings, environmental education, events, etc. in flood control areas. 

(4) Introductory articles of relevant papers. 

(5) Special specifications and survey implementation plans for biological surveys in waterways. (6) Other newspaper articles introducing the implementation of biological observation events. As a result, 354 references were included.

For the remaining 354 references, the following four criteria were mandatory. 

(1) The study site of interest had to be located within a retarding basin.

(2) The organisms of interest were taxonomically known in the literature, at least at the family level, and the effects and impacts of the retarding basin were clearly discernible.

(3) The survey period is after the construction of the retarding basin.

(4) For each taxon, only references from previous studies were to be selected if the results in the target literature overlapped with results from previous studies by the same author, or if the results were cited in books and no new results were added. 

As a result, 302 references were included.

The references that fulfilled one of the following criteria were then selected.

(1) References that are closely related to biodiversity, such as surveys of biota in floodplains, surveys of the discovery or habitat/growth status of rare or new species, surveys of the discovery or habitat/growth status of non-native species, etc.

(2) References that contain information on the distribution of biota, new species, rare species and invasive alien species, although the main purpose of the study is not to understand the status of biodiversity.

The references were screened and those with the following content were excluded.

(1) Physiological studies or studies of factors affecting the growth of specific plant species or the feeding and migration of specific animal species.

(2) The study site is not strictly a wetland surface of the retarding basin.

(3) Studies where the retarding basin was selected as a demonstration site for new technologies or new analytical methods.

As a result, 242 references were selected.


Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency

Public Works Research Institute

Evaluation of the current status of the reintroduction project of the Oriental White Stork Ciconia biyciana and proposal and implementation of true wildlife management

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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本リストは日本の遊水地において生物多様性に関する記述のある文献を一覧にしたものである.鳥類,両生類,魚類,昆虫類,貝類,植物の計6分類群を対象とした.各分類群について採択された文献と不採択文献のリストを異なるタブごとに示した.採択文献のリストには,対象の遊水地名や生物種名,生物多様性に関する記述の詳細を示した.不採択文献に関しては,その理由を記述した.文献の採択基準は田和ほか (2024) (https://doi.org/10.3825/ece.23-00011)を参照のこと.

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日本の遊水地における生物多様性に関する研究のシステマティック レビュー

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田和 康太, 西廣 淳, 境 優, 竹田 稔真, 林 誠二


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